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Camille | A Yoder Family Newborn Session

I got to meet sweet baby Camille (or as her family has adorably dubbed her - baby Millie) last Monday! If you’ve been on my blog before, you know my absolute obsession with newborn lifestyle sessions; and, shocker, baby Millie’s was no exception. Sometimes you just need to drop the cares of the world, wrap up a baby, pop on a macro lens, and capture the little features of a brand new human, ya know? Nothing quite recreates that sweet feeling of holding a new life in your arms.

And, of course, the magic of an only child transitioning to a gentle older sibling, two parents’ hearts growing with all this new love, and of a family of three coming into their own as a family of four. I live for it, y’all. Welcome, baby Millie! You have a family that loves you deeply and wholeheartedly, and I wish you all of the love and mischievous nonsense that comes with being a little sister (not that we’ve experienced any mischievous nonsense from the little sister in our home... but that’s another blog post entirely)! Enjoy some of my favorites of the sweet Yoder family & baby Camille!

Show me another newborn session:

Show me another family session:

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