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Joziah & Kiernan | A Harbor House Session

Here's the second personal blog post of the week - Joziah and Kiernan upgraded from toddler beds to big kid beds! There were definitely some emotional moments taking Kiernan's down because it was her crib transitioned into a toddler bed. For the sentimental folk out there, that had been her place of slumber for all of her three and a half years on this planet. I get real emotional about chapters of life ending, even if it’s a bulky crib that requires special tools to dismantle and most definitely had teeth marks in it. I guess I can say it even though it doesn’t *quite* seem real, I no longer have babies but two preschoolers! Since our travel time has been quite limited during the pandemic (aka completely nonexistent), this is one of the few times I've taken pictures of Jo and K this year, and even though it isn’t at Disney or Texas or Oklahoma or wherever else we wandered to in 2019, there’s something special and sweet about celebrating them in their own space. This is the place where we actually make memories, and while vacationing and traveling is fun, we only spend a few days in those places. Most of our memories happen right here; in this house, surrounded by these things, amidst the beautifully mundane and ordinary. And it feels right having their pictures in-home to remember this season anyway. But enough of my sentimental ramblings, you’re here for the cuteness!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their bedroom snuggle, bounce & read session - and don't mind me, I'll be calling them my babies until they're thirty.

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