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I'm Angela.

A Harry Potter and houseplant fanatic who's probably in pajama pants, rocking a messy bun and trying to keep my kids from wrecking the house in between running said house and managing not one, but two businesses. Hence my favorite title is mama, and second favorite is crazy person.

I'm a sucker for a good fairy tale, and probably have watched at least one Disney Princess film this week.

I love an excuse to go out and dress up, but you better believe I'll be hawk-eyeing my favorite pajama bottoms the instant I get back home. I'm currently working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing, so when I'm not editing photos you can find me pouring over my latest poem, short story, or novel and wondering where it all went wrong. I kid (mostly).


I can create a dinner out of practically nothing (or whatever happens to be sitting in our fridge, which occasionally are one and the same), though I'm really making an effort to start meal planning. Let's all laugh together.  


I'm equal parts stubborn and sentimental, with an affinity for all things French or foods with "chocolate" in the title. I'm the walking oxymoron of Type A meets Uber-Creative, and some days I imagine God chuckling a little bit as he tossed me into the world, because I'm just so many things.

but I've been a creative as long as I can remember. 

In elementary school when the rest of the kids were talking about soccer and football, I was chiming in with how badly I wanted to be in fourth grade so I could finally play an instrument. Yep, in case the first sentence of this biography didn't give it away, nerd alert over here! I've dabbled hard in various artistic outlets (I'm looking at you, awkward middle school sewing stage), but nothing has called my name quite as enticingly as photography. It was evident from the first moment I held that Canon Rebel in my hands.

It wasn't pretty in the beginning, though rarely anything worth doing is. 


Since that monumental day, a lot has changed. I no longer shoot with a $200 camera and kit lens I bought off of eBay, nor do I have  to ask to borrow the car for photo shoots - but a lot more has stayed the same. I still get that same joy when I'm holding a camera in my hand, and I'm still absolutely enamored that I get to capture the beauty of your precious moments - from ordinary snuggles in a field to the monumental vows on the best day of your life. Time is so fleeting and it will continue to go on; but not that second when I release the shutter. It will stay. 


It is still my heart to create. It's the spark that lights me up when I get in front of a couple or family, and it's the reason you're here on this page. It's my joy to create something tangible to tell your story and preserve your moments. Time will go on, but these moments I've captured will belong to you forever.

When it comes to my photography, I aspire to create romantic, happy, whimsical, and heartfelt images that tell the story of who you truly are. I'm here to get the real you in my frame - the scrunched up nose when you laugh, the little smile that comes after a good kiss, the way your hands wrap around the tiny fingers of that giggly baby in your arms. I'm here for who you are at your core, and the beauty of the love you share. Beyond the stunning details and leather-bound albums, the flowers, the fancy threads carefully chosen, and even that gorgeous venue and the prayers for perfect weather -  it's so important to me that I am capturing more than the lovely but inanimate things. I want to capture you and your people - paired with those lovely things - and create a special brand of magic from this chapter of your lives that will last for generations to come.



And of course, when all is said and done and you look back on the best days of your life, it is my dream that the time we spent together was more than merely a photographer capturing lovely people with lovely things on the loveliest of days. I want you to emerge from this amazing season of yours knowing your story was told to the fullest as not just my clients,

but as friends.

what are you dreaming about? I can't wait to meet you.

Let's talk weddings.

Let's talk families.

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