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The Musser Family | Historic Poole Forge

Rain in the forecast is always a big ordeal, and while it's definitely more stressful when there's a wedding on the books, it can also be crazy when trying to squeeze a lovely little family session in! Luckily the Musser family had no problem dodging thunderstorms with me, and I'm SO glad!

You'd never be able to tell but around twenty minutes before these were taken, severe thunderstorms had passed through the area! The grass was muddy, the skies were dreary, and it didn't exactly look bright and dreamy. Luckily these sweet souls just played along as the crazy photographer (aka ME) made them laugh and snuggle in a drenched little field at Historic Poole Forge, and we left with some of my FAVORITE lifestyle photos to date! Tim and Amber, thank you SO much for playing along with my craziness and sharing your sweet little family with me!

Now for the main event: my favorites from the Musser Family's lifestyle session in Narvon, PA are below! Enjoy!

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