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The Wilde Family | Atglen PA

Most of my in-home lifestyle sessions are in houses with little people present, and speaking from experience, it's about finding beauty amidst the chaos - and I love my job! I love taking what looks like every day moments and finding the beauty amidst the toys and burp cloths and yesterdays lunch, because that's the season I'm in too. It reminds me that the everyday moments are worth preserving, and that some of the most beautiful tasks are simple ones - feeding a little mouth, kissing a boo-boo, and snuggling a sleepy soul. It makes me hold on to these things that feel draining if you miss the art and love in them, and helps me appreciate each moment for what it truly is rather than wishing they would go to bed (though there is a lot of that too!). In fact, whenever I feel like I'm drowning in my motherhood, it's usually because I haven't had a family session for awhile!

BUT every now and then I show up for an in-home session and it's at a lovingly restored 1700s Homestead - and my job is WAY too easy!! For obvious reasons this family session was beyond lovely - it was filled with the most beautiful nods to days gone by, some blooms that made my heart flutter, and of course, the kindest people (and cutest babes) around. Capturing the Wilde Family was an absolute DREAM and I'm so excited to share some of my favorites with you! Enjoy!

See little Lucy's Newborn Session (she's rocking that cute little white turban above) here : Lucy | Hess Family Newborn Session

See another Family Session here : The Huynh Family | Miley is One!

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