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Brandon & Mari | A Winter La Luna Banquet Hall Wedding

Driving out to Bensalem from Lancaster over the weekend was a surreal experience. It was just prior to the announcement that schools would be shutting down, and in turn nonessential businesses. While it wasn't yet official, I knew things were going to be changing in big and unprecedented ways, and it did scare me. It's terrifying to look into the future and not know what you're going to see there.

But I think that's true with every day of our lives. We truly don't have control over many of the goings and comings, and while we have the illusion that we hold all the cards, in actuality we can just plan and prepare and pray and then let the cards fall where they may. And that's not a bad thing, but sometimes we forget that the hands that hold our worlds are not our own. In fact, I would argue that it is quite a good thing we are not in charge of our own worlds, because the hands that ARE in charge are so, so good - but that's a conversation for another time.

Though it seemed weird to be "going to work", creating art, and celebrating Brandon and Mari vowing their lives to each other while the world was essentially falling apart at its seams, there was a beauty in the way that something as monumental as a wedding and so everyday as work could be happening amidst what feels like a crisis. I was reminded - despite all of the uncertainty and the feelings of spinning out of control, that the same beauty that holds us together in the everyday mundane holds us together in the scary unknown days as well.

And I was so completely honored to be able to celebrate with Brandon, Mari, and their sweet families - COVID-19 or no. Their day was all the things I always cherish about weddings - soft and sweet, loud and fun, sentimental and heartfelt; and above all of the swirling emotions and moments, two people who love each other deeply and in profoundly new ways, consistently and without wavering, come what may. And if that isn't what we need right now, I'm not sure what is. Enjoy some of my favorites from Mari & Brandon's day - and may you all love each other deeply and in profoundly new ways, consistently and without wavering, come what may. Oh, and please stay home.

Thank you to these fantastic vendors:

Venue | La Luna Banquet Hall in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Second Photographer | Bethany Ballantyne

Videographer | Lovestruck Pictures

Officiant | Edward DeSilva

Invitations | Vistaprint

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Simply beautiful ❤️


Absolutely stunning! 😍

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