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Will & Emily | Harrisburg State Capitol Engagement

I'm not going to lie, when Will and Emily suggested shooting in Harrisburg at the State Capitol during rush hour while they were in session, I was a tiny bit nervous. In my mind's eye I saw people and cars EVERYWHERE and a whole lot of other craziness that would be completely beyond my control. The reality couldn't have been further from my imaginings! Other than a few people wandering around and chatting, we largely had the entire place to ourselves. Even the streets were relatively quiet, and while we had to dodge a single stroller or jogger here and there, the entire time felt very sweet and intimate regardless of the big city vibes!

But enough about the session, let me tell you about Will and Emily. I love photographing them! It was seriously so much fun - they had so many location ideas and were completely down to do whatever craziness I suggested, so you know they are true gems. But their interactions with each other was the true highlight. They are so sweet and fun together and have such great chemistry! I think I joked about ten million times that I would be totally okay with just photographing them for the rest of my life.

Will and Emily, thanks for trusting me to capture this special season for the two of you! I had such an amazing time third-wheeling for your engagement session and now I need a countdown app for the big day! Can't it just be August already?!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Will and Emily's Harrisburg State Capitol Engagement!

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