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Uriah & Nikki | An Akron Mennonite Church Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing over here, and I'll be honest - I was pretty darn nervous because this is my first "full" time shooting in the fall. I have weddings every weekend from September to mid November - sometimes two per weekend. And let's not even get started with portraits and engagements! I always want to feel like I'm pouring my heart into each couples' day and every session, and that I'm serving them to the fullest of my ability and not holding back because I'm tired.

But I think I underestimated how much I truly love this job. Creating art out of love is such a driving force for me (which is weird to say but totally true), and even being tired doesn't take that away. I don't think this level of busy would be sustainable year round, so I'm glad it's a season, but man I'm living for it!

Nikki and Uriah had such a lovely and chill day! Usually I show up to the bridal suite and everyone is in some form of restrained chaos, but walking in the door to greet the girls on Saturday was the complete opposite of chaos. The hair and make up artist did her thing while the girls chatted, and it was just a beautiful quiet time. I've never had an environment so conducive to creating flatlays, hah!

And of course, I cried when Uriah cried at Nikki walking down the aisle and vows, because if you don't cry at vows you probably hate puppies. But the whole day I couldn't stop thinking about how these two are just perfect for each other in every way. Individually they are amazing people, but together they just fit together like puzzle pieces, as cliche as that is.

Nikki and Uriah, thank you thank you THANK YOU for the being the gems you are and for inviting me to capture your beautiful love; your day was one for the books.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Nikki & Uriah's day!