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Tim & Amy | Engagement

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Some things get better with time - wine, love, 401ks (hah). These two have been waiting what seems like forever for their wedding, as obstacle after obstacle seemed to get in the way of their big day. But the waiting is almost over! This September it is on the books and written in stone (okay, a diamond). You can see just how excited they are in every picture, even though Amy confided in me that they had never done professional photos outside of a studio. Jaw. Drop. You seriously can't tell! They look so candid and natural in front of the lens, and their love translates so well into the final images. So, without further ado - Tim and Amy! Make sure to check back for their September wedding photos, because I have a feeling the day is going to boast of some serious magic. Until then, enjoy some of these super sweet moments.

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