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The Miller Family | The Ephrata Rail Trail

I might be a tiny bit biased toward this cute family session - after all these are my nieces and nephew! And once again we were dodging thunderstorms (do you see a trend in my May sessions?! Insert eyeroll here). Ten minutes before we started shooting there was a severe thunderstorm watch - the kind where the sky is a weird green color and you really should think about rescheduling your photo sessions. But I laugh in the face of storms (mostly because I would have to reschedule the sessions for JULY and gosh darn that's a long time to wait), and because these people have to love me regardless of what crazy things I make them do in the name of cute pictures, we squeezed this mini-session in and I'm so glad we did.

Nicole is my sister-in-law, so lucky for me I get to keep seeing these adorable faces on my laptop screen for many years to come, and that makes me so darn happy. Keith and Nicole - thanks for sacrificing sanity to stomp through puddles in nice clothes (and for making such cute kids). Y'all are the real MVPs!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our little session on the Ephrata Rail Trail! Oh man, they're cute.

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