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The Bride Box

How will I receive my images?

It's an obvious question. You're paying a lot to have this gorgeous day captured, and you want the final, beautiful product to be the thing that dreams are made of. So, I thought I would pull back the veil (pun intended) and show you guys a sneak peek of my bride boxes that deliver the final images! I also deliver an online gallery as soon as they are completed so you can at least have a peek at them before the mailman brings this beauty. SO, here they are!

First, I pick out photo gifts for my clients! These are usually some 5x7 or 4x6 of a couple of my favorite images from the day. It's nice to have some images to physically HOLD before you make album choices, just to give an example of what photos look great in print!

Next up is the USB Drive & Box, loaded with all your wedding files! Fun Fact: even though I'm contracted at 300 images, I deliver 1000+ depending on the day!

And one of my favorite parts - the handwritten thank you note & seal! There's just something so sweet about wax seals and stamps! I also am absolutely smitten with handmade paper, so of course they are handmade.

And last (but most certainly not least!) I pick out a hand soap from one of my favorite local small shops in Lititz! This one is by Thymes, and smelled absolutely fantastic.

So there it is, the AWP Bride Box in all its glory! If you're interested in booking me for your big day, you can head on over to my investment page or shoot me an email for my pricing guide! Best of luck in this lovely season of planning! - Angela

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