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Oklahoma | Boot Camp Graduation

Yesterday I posted a story set to Instagram explaining why I normally leave my DSLR Camera at home while we're traveling, but today I'm going to show you one of the rare exceptions!

While I feel like an iPhone does a fantastic job of capturing day to day images, there are some occasions where phone pictures just fall flat. I try to get my fancypants camera out at least once a month (my kids grow so fast!) to capture a bit of our lives; be it a special occasion, trip, or just playing in the living room. I only bring my camera on trips where I will have ample helping hands - I can't care for two toddlers and play photographer at the same time (though I usually end up with a baby in one arm and camera on the other). Aunt Natalee's graduation from boot camp was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip and occasion all rolled into one, and between Nona, Aunt Lilly, and honorary Aunt Makenna, we had plenty of helping hands! So the DSLR was added to my carry on with a 50mm lens, and I called it a day.

While I wished I had my 70-200mm lens (it "zooms in" and is really great for ceremonies), I knew it wasn't a feasible option to be switching out lenses while caring for the kids, and quite frankly that lens is HUGE and not very travel-friendly, so I made do with my nifty fifty. The kids did a really great job on the entire trip - we didn't have any crazy meltdowns, and they were pretty patient (well, as patient as toddlers can be). They enjoyed all of the eating out we did - we almost never eat out at home! And of course, they REALLY loved seeing Aunt Na! Joziah was very confused when she didn't come home with us. He's already asked to go back to "Upton Upton House" (Oklahoma House. Don't ask how he came up with that pronunciation because your guess is as good as mine)!

Enjoy some of our favorite moments from Family Day and Graduation at Fort Sill, Oklahoma! We're so proud of Private Boronow!

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