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Nevin & Emily | An Ocean City New Jersey Proposal

Do you remember middle school? Most days I really try not to (did anyone do well in middle school? I'm pretty sure it was awkward for everyone, right?!), but one of my favorite highlights from a slightly uncomfortable chapter was getting to meet this gem of a woman. That's right, my 7th grade self had no idea that I hit friendship gold when Emily and I crossed paths, but now that I can look back on the past twelve years (TWELVE?!), oh man am I lucky!

And then she introduced me to Nevin (at a wedding of all places), and I was like YUP. If you've ever encountered these sweet souls together, you know what I mean. Their personalities just fit together so well! So of course when he contacted me with this adorable beachy scheme I was 110% on board! And not to toot my own horn or anything, but I managed to keep this whole exciting event a secret for ONE LONG MONTH (which is bonkers if you know me at all, I'm the worst with secrets), but now that the cat's out of the bag and the ring is on the finger, so I can shout it from the rooftops! THEY'RE ENGAGED and I'm so excited for all of the lovely things marriage holds for them. Congratulations Nevin and Emily, and thank you for letting me third wheel the best day ever!

Now for the reason you're all here - some adorable images from this sweet proposal! Enjoy!

AAAANNND here it is, folks!

This was his mother's ring!! How sweet is that?!

Show me an Engagement Session!

Show me a Wedding!

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