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Nevin & Emily | A Longwood Gardens Engagement

On their third date, Emily and Nevin went to Longwood Gardens. They went straight to the meadow portion of the exhibit, and due to a couple of miscalculations as to how large the meadow truly was, ended up walking around it for HOURS; so long that they had to stop and rest at one of the buildings! I love this story, because it truly showcases these two and what makes their relationship so special - even the things that most people would consider inconvenient or a day-ruiner makes them laugh. In fact, they love the gardens SO much that they invest in annual passes so they can visit more often!

Capturing their engagement session here was so sweet and felt truly like bringing things full circle. If you've been following along with my blog, you know that I met Emily when we were in sixth grade and we've been close friends since! I had the immense honor of hiding behind a trash can on the boardwalk to photograph Nevin's Beach Proposal, and Emily is our children's Godmother. I feel like I've lived the majority of my life beside this amazing woman, and I'm so blessed to continue to be a part of her story. Emily and Nevin, I love you two and your goofiness, but I think your true gold is the love you have for each other and the unwaivering way you face life together. I love that I got to capture this amazing season for you, and I'm truly blessed to call your sweet selves friends. Happy engagement, and stay tuned! I'll be standing beside this lovely lady when they tie the knot next June at The Market at Grelen (it's in Virgina)!

Now enjoy some of my favorite shots from Emily and Nevin's fun Longwood Gardens Engagement Session!

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