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Mike & Marley | A Stoud Preserve Engagement

The best couples are the ones that feel like long lost family, and that's exactly how it felt meeting Mike and Marley for the first time. They are sweet, kind, and always up for a laugh (which are the best kind of people in my book). Three other things told me that working with these two would be an absolute dream. Number one - Mike designed Marley's ring himself with a diamond from his mama's ring (awwwww); number two - they're tying the knot at none other than WHITE CHIMNEYS, where Dalton and I got married (all the way back in 2014, if anyone's keeping track! hah); Aaaaaand Mike popped the question after their November trip to Disney World, and y'all know how much love I have the mouse!

So when Marley showed up with this GORGEOUS dress, I was completely in love with the session before I even clicked the shutter. Now that they're complete and in blog form, I love it even more!!

Stay tuned for May 2020, their wedding is for sure going to be one for the books. But in the meantime, enjoy this lovely engagement session!

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