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Matt & Anne | A Garden-Inspired Backyard Wedding

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Pulling out my camera to capture this weekend's backyard wedding in Mount Joy brought out such a weird combination of excitement, anxiety, and a whole slew of other emotions (as weddings are known to do). Due to the pandemic, the last wedding I captured was in MARCH, so it's been a hot second since I captured a big day. Let me reassure you, it is exactly like riding a bike - you remember how to ride as soon as you step onto the pedal.

But it doesn't hurt to have cute models like Matt and Anne! When Anne first met with me over coffee and spilled her lovely idea of a lavender, garden inspired day there wasn't a hint of Covid-19 on the horizon. But these two rolled with all of the crazy punches (including a venue change!) and created the most perfect day despite everything against them. I couldn't be more thrilled to have played a tiny part of their dream wedding.

SO, without further ado, enjoy some of my favorites from their big day!