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Matt & Anne | A Conestoga House and Gardens Engagement Session

I knew Matt and Anne were my kind of people from the moment she inquired and included words like "elegant garden theme" in her contact form! As I got to know them, their love story endeared me to them too, and the icing on the cake was these two giving the green light for engagement pictures while it was (as my husband would say) "dumping buckets" outside. Hah!

Anne pointed out that on the wedding day we would do pictures regardless, so let's go for it!

Y'all, I can't even tell you how much I subscribe to the "let's go for it!" mentality.

Around fifteen minutes into the session, the clouds parted and the sun came out for a glorious sunset, and we got glowy sunset garden pictures! Alas, my heart is happy.

But my favorite part about this sweet duo isn't their wedding theme, their "let's go for it" mentality, or even that gorgeous dress Anne donned towards the end of our session - my favorite part is how they met and went on their first date, because I love a first date that looks like it might not go anywhere and ends with happily ever after - it's like seeing our own love story all over again!

Matt and Anne met in college when she bought a date with him through a fundraiser! His exact words were, "Who's Anne?" Hah, I love that! When they went their separate ways after the date, he decided to pursue her that fall, and now they're tying the knot at Heritage Hills in May 2020! It's meant to be, you guys!

Matt & Anne, thank you for being such FUN and lovely people, your wedding is going to be beyond amazing! Enjoy this sweet season of engagement!!

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