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Lucy | Hess Family Newborn Session

Life looks distinctly different when there are little children in your home, and no one gets that quite like a fellow mama. Walking into the Hess Family's home this weekend, I instantly breathed a sigh of relief - I speak fluent matchbox cars and washable markers, and apparently so do they! We spent the morning laughing, playing, and cooing over the SWEETEST little lady (hello, Lucy!), and before I knew it two hours had passed!

Newborn sessions always get a bit more personal than any other lifestyle session that I do. Life is a bit complicated when you're caring for a newborn, yourself, and the rest of your family's needs, and as if that wasn't crazy enough it all needs to be done on very little sleep. I'm a firm believer that moms everywhere are superheros! Because of all this, it's a very raw and real time for a family, and there is SUCH beauty in that raw realness that the camera just loves!

Leah and Cameron named Lucy after her grandmother that passed away, and while they were telling me this, one of the boys said "I miss her!", and OH my heart swelled. There's such loveliness in carrying on a loved one's memory in a new life. Oh little Lucy, you are so LOVED.

Enjoy these snippets of a morning well spent, Lucy is here!

Also, side note, no one had a meltdown the entire two hours I was there. Leah and Cameron, teach me your ways!

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