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Leporati Family | Middle Creek Lifestyle Session

Let me be totally transparent - sometimes kids aren't in the mood to get their photos taken. It's a thing; preschoolers and toddlers have minds of their own and sometimes those minds don't want to stand still and smile, because, HELLO kiddos. And who can really blame them? I mean, I don't love the idea of standing in the middle of a crazy-hot field in my Sunday Best being told to smile at a camera either! And that's why traditional portraiture KILLS me inside. It's not my jam. It's not my cup of tea to try to force kids into boxes that they don't want to be in, and it's not my thing to capture moments that aren't true to who the people in front of me are at their core. And let's face it, most of us aren't smile-at-the-camera kinds of folks.

I love this session because it wasn't presumptuous. The kids didn't have good naps and they were ready to be done before we even got there. But the magic of everyday interactions between these kiddos and the people who love them were still so evident and translated beautifully into this art. If you feel like you can't get family photos done because your kids don't stand still and smile; girl, lifestyle photos are my jam (and they might be yours too).

Enjoy some of my favorite moments from this sweet family who hung in there a solid 45 minutes in their fancypants clothes so we could make art with wandering twin toddlers and a cranky four year old. You guys are saints, and I'm so honored I was there to capture it all.

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