John & Betsy | A Conestoga House Engagement

Let me preface this entire blog post by saying John & Betsy are the coolest, and I don't deserve to have them in front of my camera. For real! We spent so much time going back and forth about locations and days before we finally narrowed in on one day and location only to have it RAIN. And not the cute little rain where you break out the umbrellas and everything is right with the world, but severe thunderstorms that would put more than a damper on an engagement session (pun intended). But, these two are troopers, so we rescheduled AND got to shoot at the location they really wanted to, so maybe it was for the best? Who knows, but these images were making me giddy all week so I think that's a resounding YES. Plus they drove all the way from Harrisburg to hang out with me, so I feel like they deserve all the applause and possibly an acceptance speech for "most chill couple about scheduling and rescheduling and rescheduling a session and being the sweetest at their shoot". It's a long title, but completely appropriate.

They told me they felt awkward getting in front of the camera, and if that isn't the biggest joke I've ever heard I don't know what is, because GOSH DARN they look good and were complete naturals at the entire posing situation! So, approximately a million gold stars to you two, thank you for entrusting me with your engagement photos, I had such a blast spending the evening getting to know you! Now for the good stuff - enjoy John and Betsy's engagement session! It's a goodie!

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