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Jim & Charlotte | 50th Anniversary

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

As soon as I walked into Enck's Banquet Hall to capture Jim and Charlotte's anniversary celebration, one thing was quite clear. This couple has raised such a beautiful, loud, and LARGE legacy in the form of their sweet family. In fact, if you were to ask me what specifically stuck out about this lovely day, I would say (without the slightest hesitation) the love that radiated off of Jim and Charlotte as they reminisced with their favorite gifts - their children, grandchildren, and great grandson. Every speech that was given, person that was recognized, and picture that was taken highlighted this value; and those unfortunate enough not to be related were quickly made to feel like they were. These two have been through their fair share of raw and real trials, but through it all chose to put each other first, and their love for each other is a beautiful treasure to witness. Fifty years of anything is no easy feat, but marriage takes the cake. Congratulations Jim and Charlotte, I was so honored to spend the day with you and your family!

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