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Gloria | A Penn College Graduation

I originally got into photography because I wanted to take great photos of the people I love. Which is a great goal, but after your passion becomes your job, it gets harder and harder to take "just for fun" photos. I realized I had ZERO pictures of my mom to post to Instagram for Mother's Day! How awful is that?! So when my sister asked if I could bring the "Fancypants" camera to her graduation, I was on it like a moth to a flame. How often do we all get dressed up, traipse around a GORGEOUS campus, and get all emotional about our favorite graduate? Once every twenty years, apparently!

Saturday was a photographer's dream; and as a sister, mama, wife, and daughter - it was just as good. I'm so darn proud of this sweet girl for chasing her dreams wholeheartedly, and I can't wait to see what she does next! Spoiler alert, it's going to be another degree. You are loved and we are so proud of you, Gloria! Thanks for not mentioning the surprisingly loud toddler warbles during your graduation - you the real MVP.

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