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Evan & Noel | Lock Ridge Park

I don't normally blog a ton of personal projects, but this week you're getting TWO. What can I say; slow season, man. But today I get to introduce you to these sweet souls - my sister Noel and her boyfriend Evan. I was the last Boronow sister to meet Evan, so I was already at a disadvantage, but MAN. This guy. He laughs at my New Girl references, applauded my attempt at a dutchy accent, doesn't skip a beat with our weird Boronow girls' banter, and makes my sister the happiest I've seen her in her entire life. He's a keeper.

They met at a mutual friend's wedding, after which SHE slid into his DMs (yaaasss queen). I might be a *tiny* bit biased, but wow they are the cutest. Is it too early to start making comments about little redhead babes? Nah?

Enjoy some of my favorites from their chilly Lock Ridge Park session, and if you're related to either maybe grab a box of tissues, because the sweetness is definitely overpowering. Yes I cried. Without further ado: Evan and Noel!

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