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Engagement Session | Choosing Outfits

So, you've answered the easiest question of your life (um, YES) and the next step is your engagement session! You probably haven't had professional photos taken since Senior year, and though your Pinterest board is stacked, your wardrobe might be coming up a bit short. What the heck do you wear for this thing, anyway?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent hours searching or shopping for perfect outfits, so let me take a load off your shoulders - by following a few simple guidelines, you will LOVE how your outfit photographs!

Ironically, the best outfits for photos are usually the simplest!

So let's start with color. In general, I usually suggest wearing LIGHT, simple neutrals or pastels, and if you really want to add a pattern, make sure it is large and simple (small, busy patterns don’t photograph well). My style of editing makes really dreamy things happen with lighter colors - light grays & grieges, pastels, and whites, but check with your photographer and see what colors they feel are a great fit for their style. If your photographer doesn't send out a style guide, definitely reach out to them for recommendations, since everyone edits a bit differently!

Try to coordinate outfits rather than matching. For example, maybe wear the same color but choose different shades, while still choosing clothes that are the same “level” of formality as your other half (not one person in jeans and the other a ball gown). For the ladies, I suggest picking a flowy dress - they just look so dreamy in images! I always do a secret happy dance when my brides show up in beautiful light, neutral, flowy dresses!

If you have at least an hour of shoot time, consider a second outfit! I recommend that all of my couples choose two outfits to get a bit of variety; but make sure to check with your photographer! I generally recommend starting the session with a fancier outfit, and then changing into a more casual alternative towards the end - this allows us to capture most of the session in your dreamy outfit, but then still take some that are more relaxed-looking towards the end.

After you pick that winning outfit (or multiple outfits!), plan to steam or iron it ahead of time and don't put anything in your pockets - wrinkles, phones, and keys definitely show in the final shots! But beyond any of my tips, your main concern should be how you feel in your threads. My number one goal for my couples is to wear something they feel great in, because how you feel will ultimately translate into the final images. When in doubt, dress like you! Here’s the link to my sample pinterest board if you’re itching for a bit more inspiration -

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