Coryn & Coulson | A Historic Shady Lane Engagement

Photos in November are not for the faint of heart, let me tell you! I actually stop offering outdoor family sessions from November through March, because I just can't see the cold babies and still feel inspired to make art. Nope nope, can't do it.

But for engagement sessions, I make an exception. So here I was at the lovely Historic Shady Lane in Manchester, bundled up like a marshmallow while Coryn and Coulson braved the cold in these fancy duds. I checked in with them every so often, and they both said they don't really mind the cold, and actually preferred these temps to summer weather. And my mind was blown. You people know I'm a warm weather girl through and through, but honestly I would do this session all over again a million times, because LOOK how gorgeous! Shady Lane - 10/10 would recommend. November engagement sessions - 10/10 would recommend. Coryn and Coulson - 10/10 would recommend.

Speaking of Coryn and Coulson! I just love their story. They met in high school physics of all places (which you KNOW makes my nerdy heart happy), and when I asked them when they knew they had met "the one", they both responded that it was a culmination of things rather than a single moment. Those are my favorite answers. It's very Hallmark-y to have a moment where the angels are singing and you realize you've met your soulmate; but oh how down to earth and real to let little moments lead you towards the realization. Although, Coulson did joke that he knew she was the one after Coryn spilled coffee on his laptop and he still loved her. If that's not true love, I don't know what is!

Coryn and Coulson are tying the knot at Wyndridge Farm next November, and if next November looks as good on them as this November does, look out friends!

Until then, enjoy some of my favorites from their sweet Historic Shady Lane engagement session!

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