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Cat & Abby | A Longwood Engagement

There are endless reasons to love sessions at Longwood Gardens. There are photo-worthy locations around every corner (honestly, I'm pretty sure I could do an entire session in the very first courtyard), the light-colored paths bounce perfect light back into my couple's faces, and (my favorite reason) you really get to know the people in front of your lens, because it's a decent walk to hit all the "must have" locations.

Cat and Abby are the kind of people that feel like family from the moment you meet them. They are sweet, fun, and care genuinely about people, and in my book there isn't much that's better than that. These two met playing softball when they were much younger, but only started dating after reconnecting via Facebook. Having their session at Longwood extra special, because that's where Abby proposed! This was the first time they had been back to the gardens since the engagement, and it was so sweet when we got to the gazebo where the proposal actually happened! They're some of my favorite shots from the whole afternoon.

Cat and Abby, thanks for hanging in there through this super warm afternoon, it was so fantastic getting to spend the day with you! Now, enjoy some of my favorites from Cat and Abby's Longwood Gardens Engagement Session!

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