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Baby Leo & The Zema Family | Virginia Newborn Session

Sweet baby Leo was my first "official" shoot back after Covid; and not only that, but I traveled to Virginia to meet the lovely Zema family in their own space! Sure, I had pulled the trusty DSLR out of its bag to capture a few personal projects and my own people, and I had left my house to nervously enter the post office earlier that week, but man! There's something so different about being in a new (and pretty) location, with a purpose, creating. I missed it way more than I realized. And, ya know, not being in my house. That was fantastic too.

Ah, and Leo. This little guy was supposed to come face to face with me when he was just a few days fresh, but hello pandemic and here we are three months later! His sweet mama rolled with the punches so well, and honestly this shoot is shaping up to be a personal favorite! It's easy to get into a creative rut when you have favorite poses (especially for newborns), but I don't get a three month old baby in front of my camera very often! Mixing it up with a wide awake little munchkin that doesn't fold up *quite* like a newborn does definitely pushed me to new creative avenues, prompts, and poses; and honestly, I'm not mad about it at all! The images turned out to be so heartfelt and feature raw little moments amidst the mundane, which ultimately is my highest goal as a storyteller and, well, a human. Anyone else miss their babe's newborn session and are now feeling nervous about scheduling with a three month old? Don't be! I'm head over heels with this session!

Congrats, sweet little Zema fam! It was such an honor getting to spend the afternoon with you. Here's to all the lovely moments as a family of three!

Now, enjoy some of my favorite shots from Leo's Newborn Session!

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