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Allison & Mandel | An Overlook Park & President Ave Couples Session

I met Allison when she was my brand spankin' new little cousin - not that I remember it, because I was a measly ten weeks old myself! We have had the pleasure of walking through ALL the lovely seasons of growing up pretty much parallel to each other (yes, I can see you over there weird middle-school-side-bangs-phase). Three years ago when I met Mandel for the first time, I couldn't help but hope he ended up a member of our family. He is seriously SO DARN NICE and thoughtful! Two years ago they tied the knot, and the day was ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING. But even better than a breathtaking wedding day, they have a beautiful marriage and compliment each other so well. I just love how sweet these two are together! You can't choose your family, but even if I could, I would choose these two in a heartbeat.

For their couples session we ventured out to Overlook Park for some sun-drenched field pictures, and then we made a final stop at President Avenue hoping to find a couple of blooms still hanging on the trees, and find them we did!! Pretty much ALL of the trees were still flowering and the images are absolutely AMAZING.

So without further ado, here’s Allison & Mandel's Couples Session! Enjoy!

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