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Adam & Jane | An Intimate Drumore Estate Wedding

My Weather App had been forecasting storms all week long, but when I pulled up the hill to Drumore Estate on Sunday, the weather could not have been any lovelier! This wedding was unique in so many wonderful ways - the first of which being the ceremony! Jane's side of the family is Jewish while Adam's side is not (though he assured me he is in the process of converting!), so every little detail of their ceremony was the most gorgeous and sweet hybrid of a Jewish and a Traditional wedding. The entire day was a celebration of differences unifying and becoming one, and if that isn't the key to marriage I really don't know what is!

Their wedding was held at Drumore Estate, which has quickly become one of my favorite venues to shoot at - you will see why soon! There was dreamy light and blooms aplenty, and I was pretty much in photographer heaven.

Adam made this boutonniere! I was so impressed!

Adam has two sweet daughters - it was so beautiful witnessing not just the joining of a couple but the creation of a family!

And his sweet mom!

Jane's wedding band originally belonged to her Great Great Great Great Grandmother, and has been passed down in her family! How beautiful is that?! (sniff)

This first look between Jane and her dad was so precious!

Jane and Adam chose the garden to say their vows - Their ceremony was full of the loveliest moments & had Jewish culture infused throughout.

Jane absolutely loves hydrangeas, and I can't say I blame her! Look at these beauties!

AAANNND one of my favorite photos of the day! Breaking the glass!

THE KISS | AKA my other favorite moment!

Small weddings truly shine at cocktail hour!

& The night (like the day) was perfect.

Officiant | Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein

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